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Membership of the Club is open to all; whether you are a serious competitive racer or a novice to the sport, The club will welcome you and you will soon find yourself among like-minded runners. Membership gives you the opportunity to take part in regular runs, you will receive information about races and events and you’ll be given training advice which will help you to achieve your running goals.

Membership costs £20.00 a year, more information is available from the Membership Secretary.

Membership will give you access to training evenings, usually a local run in the Haddington area on a Wednesday evening, it also allows you to use the track at Meadowmill on Monday evenings, although a small charge is made for this. We also organise social weekend runs in some of East Lothian’s most beautiful countryside and, of course, there are regular social events through the year.

We can advise you on how to start up or to restart the sport and will encourage people totally new to running to take part in one of our affiliated Jog Scotland groups, run by club members, to see what it’s like; you may surprise yourself how quickly you start feeling fit.

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases at Joe Forte Sports (01620 824023), 63-65 High Street, Haddington and at Run and Become, 66 Dalry Road, Edinburgh.

Joe Forte Sports will publicise special offers to club members whenever available, keep visiting this site and you could catch a running bargain.

Joe Forte Sports has a buoyancy swim belt in the shop. It is available to club members to do some aqua running in the pool.