Scottish Athletics Affiliation and Welfare

At Haddington Running Club we are proud to be affiliated with Scottish Athletics.

Scottish Athletics (Scottish Athletics Ltd) is the National Governing Body for Athletics in Scotland. A company limited by guarantee (established 2001), Scottish Athletics is affiliated to UK Athletics, which is in turn affiliated to World Athletics.

We are in practice an organisation made up of our member clubs. There are approximately 150 athletics clubs across Scotland – offering opportunities for people of all ages to try out, train, embrace and compete in the various disciplines of athletics – and at all levels from jogging (through our jogscotland network) to Olympic and Commonwealth Games levels. As an organisation, our structure and business is to a large degree controlled by the Memorandum and our Articles of Association.

Articles of Association 2021

The Articles are regularly updated at the Annual General Meeting, whilst the Memorandum remains unchanged since 2003. In broad terms, the remit of Scottish athletics is to:

  • Foster, develop and control the sport of athletics in Scotland
  • Take responsibility for all athletic teams representing Scotland
  • Promote annual championships and other competitions
  • Establish and enforce rules for competition, and
  • Advance and safeguard the interests of athletics in Scotland.

To find out more, you can read Building a Culture of Success 2023-27 – A strategy for athletics in Scotland 2023-2027.

Other relevant documents include (and we kindly ask all Haddington Members to read and follow them all)

Our Welfare Officer contact is